Sandi Harvey, of Riverview, is like most of us and did some holiday shopping online.

“Usually they just pull up and run them up the stairs,” Harvey explained.

Saturday, a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Services had a little different approach.

The man delivered the package normally, but as he went to back out of the driveway, the driver decided to cut across the side lawn.

“He went that way to deliver another package to the neighbors. It was a shortcut and they are under a lot of pressure,” said Harvey.

Harvey’s frustration is with the fact that the driver went over her septic drain field and over her sprinkler heads.

Now, she is worried about possible damage.

“The cost of repairs on my lawn honestly it is just uncalled for,” said Harvey.

News Channel 8 reached out to USPS about the driver’s actions, but have yet to hear back.

We will update this story when we learn more.