WATCH: Alabama Congressional District 1 Democratic Candidate Primary Debate


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — You are watching debate coverage with the Democratic candidates in Alabama’s District 1 Congressional race.

James Averhart, Rick Collins, and Kiani Gardner are running for the seat. Alabama’s primary will take place on March 3, 2020.

1. Qualifications: What personal or professional accomplishments set you apart from the other candidates on stage and demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job?

2. Impeachment: Was the decision by the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress the correct one? Will it have a positive or negative impact on the Democratic Party in the 2020 general election?

3. Presidential Race: Who do you support as the Democratic Presidential nominee and how does this reflect where you are on the political spectrum?

4. Viewer Question – Religion in Politics: Congressman Bradley Byrne recently said Democrats don’t believe in God. Former Senator Jeff Sessions says the left wants to “destroy” religion. What’s your reaction to these comments?

5. I-10 Bayway Bridge: Is it important to build a new I-10 bridge over the Mobile River and Bay? If so, what specifically would you do to secure federal funding for this project, so that it can be financed without a toll requirement?

6. Snapper Regulations: Many in Lower Alabama are unhappy with the federal limits placed on the red snapper season. Do you believe the management of red snapper should remain at the federal level, or should the management of this program be placed at the state level?

7. Employment: How would you use your platform and access to federal dollars to create job opportunities that extend beyond Mobile and Baldwin counties?

8. Environmental Protection vs. Business: How do we strike a balance between protecting our beaches and growing our tourism industry while simultaneously creating a business-friendly environment that is welcoming to energy, manufacturing, and other industries?

9. Tariffs & Trade Wars: What are the impacts of tariffs and trade wars on the local economy and on foreign investment in southwest Alabama? Please include the impact to the agriculture industry in your answer.

10. Climate Change: Do you believe in global warming? If so, how do you help those Americans who deny climate change better understand your perspective?

11. The National Debt and Fiscal Responsibility: The last three years have seen some of the largest deficits in U.S. history. Do you believe the growing national debt is a problem? If so, how would you address it?

12. Education: When it comes to public education, what do you believe the federal role should be? Given your philosophy, how would you use your access to federal dollars to improve outcomes for our youth who are attending underperforming schools?

13. Viewer Question – Free College/Student Debt: Do you believe four-year undergraduate public colleges should be free? Do you believe student loan debt should be cancelled? If the answer is to either is yes, please explain how you intend to pay for it?

14. Healthcare: a) the Affordable Care Act (as it exists today); b) a public option (to compete with the private insurance industry); and c) Medicare for all (with the elimination of private insurance). Which of these do you endorse and how would you pay for it?

15. Trump’s Diplomacy with Traditional Allies: President Trump has fostered relationships with Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, he has distanced himself from longtime U.S. allies like Germany, France, and England? What are the ramifications of this?

16. Iran Strike: Do you believe the President acted appropriately when he ordered the drone strike on an Iranian general? If not, why not? If so, do you believe he should have informed the relevant members of the U.S. Congress in advance?

17. Iraq: The Iraqi government passed a non-binding resolution suggesting that U.S. troops should leave their country. What are your thoughts? Do you believe the U.S. should remove troops from Iraq?

18. Black Voters: What have you done to connect with members of the African American Community?

19. White Voters: How do you and the party get voters back under the Democratic umbrella?

20. Veterans: How do we do a better job of supporting our nation’s veterans?

21. Border Security: How concerned are you about our nation’s border security, and what, if anything, should be done to improve it?

22. Private Prisons: Would you support legislation that discourages or eliminates the use of private prisons and private detention centers by the federal government? Why or why not?

23. Guns: When it comes to expanded background checks, limiting certain types of weapons, or magazine capacities, do you support or oppose additional gun control? Would you support legislation that required background checks for private gun sales?

24. Abortion: Alabama and several other states recently passed laws outlawing abortions under any circumstances. With the recent federal court appointments of pro-life judges, do you believe the Roe versus Wade precedent will be overturned?

25. Committees: If elected, what Congressional committees or subcommittees would you like to join? Why?

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