Watch: Fistfight Breaks out on Airline, Mom & Baby Caught in the Middle


LOS ANGELES ( — A vicious fight between two men on a Japanese flight bound for Los Angeles International Airport was caught on video.

The fight happened at about 5 p.m. local time Monday in Narita, Japan, aboard an All Nippon Airways flight, which was bound for LAX. Witness Corey Hour, who spoke exclusively to CBS2 News, was seated three rows behind a man in a red shirt when he apparently began to speak aggressively to another man in a black shirt.

Hour says he heard the man in the red shirt point at the other man and say, “Where are you from?” and “I’ll kill you.”

The red-shirted man then began shoving and assaulting his seatmate, while a mother, grandmother and young child in the row in front of them began to duck for safety, Hour said. When the man in the black shirt intervened, that’s when Hour says he decided to turn a camera on the altercation.

“The last place you think you’re going to have an issue is on an airplane,” Hour said.

The two men were captured on video throwing fists and shoving each other. In the background, a child is heard wailing, and a flight attendant is seen at intervals, trying to separate the two men.

An Orange County mother who identified herself only as Kumi says she was the mother whose child could be heard crying in the background. She said the man in red seemed normal at first and had even offered her child candy.

“Absolutely frightening,” Kumi said. “And I travel a ton. It was the most frightening travel experience I’ve ever encountered.”

Hour says when he also confronted the red-shirted man, he finally backed down and left the plane.

“I felt like when this situation happened, I had to take a stand,” Hour said. “There was literally no kind of way for us to get past the situation, we had to take it in our own hands.”

According to ANA Airlines, the man in the red shirt, who was not identified, assaulted a gate agent on his way off the plane before he was arrested.

As of now and after speaking with the other passengers the motive for why he did this is still UNKNOWN. None of us have any idea why at all.


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