KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) – It’s the proposal video that’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

It is one of the most memorable moments a couple can have.

“It’s been a long, ongoing talk. It was just waiting for that moment” said Ruth Salas.

After four years of dating, Seth Dixon brought Ruth Salas to their favorite spot in Kansas City’s Loose Park.

“I knew it was a good spot for us,” said Seth Dixon.

A friend, who had joined them for dinner to walk that night, started taking video of that moment, which became that moment for Seth. “That face. I was just completely shocked” Seth said.

“And of course I looked over the bridge and I’m like it really did fall. I heard the plop of the ring and I’m like, oh no,” said Ruth Salas.

“We have watched the video so many times and I’ll catch my husband. He’ll be in the corner laughing. And for a moment I’ll be like what are you laughing? And I’m like oh, you’re watching the Seth and Ruth video again,” said Staci Dabney.

The Seth and Ruth video is now quite the story among friends like Staci Dabney. She said, “next morning, we got done with church and we were all hanging out. We had this idea. We need to go look for it…because I’m a wedding and engagement photographer so I saw it and I’m like this is the perfect shot.”

Those memories with 30 close friends saved forever, even though they couldn’t find the ring.

Salas laughed and said, “I don’t have it on my, obviously. But it will all work out.”

Whatever’s next, maybe just not near the water.

Ruth Salas: “I mean we really didn’t finish the proposal so I mean I hope he would propose again.”

Staci Dabney has set up a Go-Fund-Me page for the couple to buy a new engagement ring.  It’s already raised more than $200.