Mike Hoffman got word from a customer that his warehouse was on fire Thursday afternoon.

“I really didn’t know what to think. Thinking about my life,” says Hoffman.

At the time, Hoffman was on his way to Panama City about a future project. But turned around and drove 200 miles back.

“It was under control by then, but it was around 10 o’clock.”

This was the scene last night. A warehouse up in flames.

After doing inventory this morning, Hoffman says a lot has to be replaced. If you take a look in here, everything inside the warehouse was demolished. This trailer is going to have to be replaced, storage tanks, lots of tools, this ladder, boots, hoses. Hoffman says this will put him back about three or four weeks.

“My trucks, I had a motorhome in there, all my tools, all my equipment, materials for my installation of fuel tanks and petroleum equipment stuff that we do.”

Hoffman builds gas stations and the tanks needed to store petroleum underground. But the only petroleum he stores on site is the gas he uses for his own trucks and equipment. However, the flames got dangerously close.

“It did reach them, it did not rupture them.”

Now they’re working to restock their inventory and get back on track.

“Just trying to put the pieces back together,” says Hoffman.

Hoping that comes sooner rather than later.

No word yet on what started the fire. There is no insurance estimate yet as workers were not able to access the warehouse in order to assess all the damage.