Walton County Man Wants Apology After False Accusation On "Live PD"

Imagine being pulled over, suspected of a crime you did not commit.  You're put in handcuffs, facing law enforcement while their weapons are drawn.  Now, imagine it's broadcast on live national TV for everyone to see... your family, your boss, truly anyone.  A Walton County man says that's exactly what happened to him, and no one said sorry.

Daniel Cowles says March 18th was just like any other night.  He ran a quick errand with his girlfriend around 8:30 that night.  He saw blue lights in his rearview mirror and pulled over in a well-lit parking lot.  What happened next has shaken him to his core.

"I didn't really notice the camera," Cowles said as he leaned against his red Ford pickup truck Monday afternoon.  "I just saw the light in my face at the time, but it was kind of shocking, humiliating for the most part."

Cowles was driving down U.S. 98 when deputies pulled him over.  A TV crew for "Live PD," a new A&E show partially filmed in Walton County, Florida was riding shot gun in the deputies cruiser.

"Driver, if you would turn the vehicle off," you can hear a deputy say in the clip that aired March 18th.

Cowles followed the instructions, explaining Monday, "I lift up my shirt, turn around, put my hands on my head, all at the same time....I was just confused."

The deputy continued to give instructions to Cowles, telling him to keep stepping backward with his hands up.  The deputies then told him the truck had been reported stolen.  Cowles was placed in handcuffs, which he says were very uncomfortable because his arm was twisted the wrong way when they were clasped around his wrists.

Cowles explains to deputies that the truck is his, and that he in fact just renewed his registration.

"They made a mistake, and they made it with me and I just... I really need that apology and I think I deserve it," Cowles said.

Before Cowles had the truck in his name, it was in his father's name.  Before that, Cowles had owned the truck.  He told us it's been in the family for over a decade now. Cowles says deputies told him it was a "clerical error."

"I think they kind of did it for the show more than anything," Cowles said of the incident.  "It was wrong."

They removed his cuffs, but they cannot undo what people saw.  Even Cowles boss mentioned the incident.  Cowles hasn't watched the video.  He says it'll just make him even angrier.

"One wrong move, something bad could have happened," he said Monday afternoon, standing in the parking lot where he was pulled over.

He wants an apology for a false accusation, aired live in his community's living rooms.  He was never asked to sign consent forms or a release to be on the show.  The Walton County Sheriff's Department declined an on-camera interview.  They told us they would send a written statement, but by the end of Monday, we still had not received one.

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