Mobile, AL (WKRG)

In this warehouse, there are 222 vote counting machines. 187 will be used on Election Day. Every single one of them has been tested today. Employees with the Mobile County Probate Court’s office did the job Tuesday morning into the afternoon. First, they test the machines to make sure they all read zero. Then there’s the second test. Employees stuff 30 ballots through each machine. They know what results to expect. If the machines read the ballots properly then they are good to go. It’s a lot of work but it is standard protocol for Election Day.

“Oh it’s important, first we want the machines to work to be working that’s one aspect of it the second aspect of it is we want the machines to be secure that they have not been tampered with, they’re working properly and that they’re sealed and ready to go,” said Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis. With 187 machines, that means there are a lot of machines ready to go as spares just in case one breaks down on Election Day.