MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Friends and family of a mother and her young son who died in a car crash gathered on Friday, April 23, in prayer. Deidreana Ariel Jasper and her one-year-old son Noah died in a four-car accident on Wednesday, April 14.

It was an emotional, but uplifting vigil. The family-focused on celebrating Ariel and Noah’s lives. Rather than asking the community to pray for them, the family came together asking for people to pray with them.

Ariel’s mother said, “I been out with COVID as a long-hauler since Jan. 14 and she’s been right there taking care of me, running errands, doing everything every day, my world.”

The night of the accident, Ariel’s mother said she cooked her daughter and grandson dinner. She said the two were on their way to her house. She said, “And I was wondering where is Ariel? She’s not here yet… And there comes a knock at the door… and I told my grandson I say get the door that’s your dad, and he said, ‘No, grandma, it’s the police’ … When I saw that chaplain badge, the only thing I could say was, ‘Who is it?'”

Before dancers took the stage, honoring Ariel through dance, something she was very passionate about, her mom spoke about Noah. She said, “I miss the little pitter-padder of little Noah. I miss him running around talking about Baby Shark. He was one year old saying his A-B-C’s.”

She said Noah and Ariel were inseparable. It gives her comfort knowing they’re together. She said, “I miss them. I love them. I want to hold them, but I know we’ll see them again because I know what’s in our hearts. We serve an awesome God.”

Ariel’s mom said the two will be buried together. There is a celebration of life planned for the mother and son on Saturday, April 24. Find details HERE.