Take a look at this video, kids are getting off the school bus on Palafox Street, but notice, no stop sign or railing comes out until the children are almost across the street.

“I didn’t see any lights, and I didn’t see the stop signs, or the little bar, so I was a little confused at first, but then I saw children getting off,” says Christina Garcia, who recorded the incident on her phone.

Christina Garcia, saw this happen Thursday, and took out her phone to record what was happening.

“Then all of a sudden four more kids got off, as the children were passing, and you can tell by the photograph they were really close to the car that was in my lane,” says Garcia.

Garcia says this intersection is always busy.

“I travel this road every day and it is a very busy road, I’ve seen traffic get backed up on it, and people don’t obey the speed limit,” says Garcia.

Garcia says it was an Escambia county school bus, although the video doesn’t quite identify what bus it is. We went to the transportation office on Texar Drive and showed the video to Escambia County Transportation Director Rob Doss.

Although he didn’t want to go on camera, he did tell me they will investigate what happened.

For now, Garcia is hoping children remain safe.

“It was very scary, it really was, like I had said, if there was an issue with the bus they should have brought a different bus,” says Garcia.