UPDATE (9/16/20) The Pilot Gas Station off the Theodore-Dawes exit on I-10 suffered some extensive damage.

UPDATE (9/16/20 6:09) Barbie Smith sent in this video of trees down at her sister’s property on Laurendine Road in Theodore.

UPDATE (9/16/20 6:07 PM) Kendall Annan shared this video of boats toppled in Orange Beach.

UPDATE (9/16/20 4:58) Drone footage captured by Exclaim Studios shows flooding in the Destin area after Hurricane Sally.

UPDATE (9/16/20 4:03 PM) Power crews are parked at The Grounds, getting ready to restore power in the Mobile area.

UPDATE (9/16/20 4 PM) Video shows damage in midtown Mobile at Dauphin and South streets.

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:33 PM) Damage at Riviera Utilities in Daphne (Courtesy: Mazie Smith)

UPDATE 9/16/20 3:22 PM) Video shows flooded homes in Orange Beach.

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:10 PM) Damage to Walker Key Condos in Orange Beach.

UPDATE (9/16/20 11:54 AM) Alligator outside Gulf Shores home on Plash Island

UPDATE (9/16/20 4:06 AM) Footage from Pensacola Bridge starting yesterday leading into today

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:50 AM) With high winds tornado warnings are in affect for a few locations in Baldwin County and Northwest Florida

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:36 AM) Video footage from inside the eye wall of Hurricane Sandy courtesy of United Cajun Navy

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:30 AM) Winds in the past thirty minutes in Daphne had significantly saw a drastic difference. Colleen Peterson showed us the pressure difference with a barometer

UPDATE (9/16/20 3:24 AM) — Reporting in Loxley, Debbie Williams saw even more wind and rain

UPDATE (9/16/20 2:44 AM) Video footage of a possible transformer blowing in Robertsdale

UPDATE (9/16/20 2:44 AM) Video footage of 100+ mph winds hitting South Baldwin County

UPDATE (9/16/20 2:38 AM) Along the causeway in Mobile strong winds at a low hum while the trees are blown around.

UPDATE (9/16/20 2:07 AM) Daphne Alabama wasn’t seeing full Hurricane winds early Wednesday morning. A tree fell and blocked the road of Deer Street.

UPDATE (9/16/20 2:00 AM) Mike Wood with Pensacola Police Department discusses the conditions in Pensacola from Hurricane Sally, which is now a Category 2. With high winds and debris everywhere Wood recommends remaining inside and not leaving.

UPDATE (1:32 AM) — Another set of transformers explode in Theodore.

Video Courtesy: Sydney Tidmore

UPDATE (12:59 AM) — A tree is down on Dauphin Street in Downtown Mobile.

UPDATE (12:17 AM) — A transformer seems to have exploded in Foley due to the worsened storm conditions.

Video Courtesy: Tori Hale

UPDATE (10:48 PM) — The video below is of a broken private Orange Beach pier.

UPDATE (10:24 PM) — A WKRG News 5 viewer sent in video showing damage at the Riverview in Downtown Mobile.

Video Courtesy: Harrison Santini

UPDATE (6:25 PM) — The video below shows the before and after event of a sunken boat in Perdido Key.

Video Courtesy: Jason Thompson

UPDATE (6:02 PM) — A WKRG News 5 viewer captured video from their home on the northside of Pensacola Bay at Pou Station Rd.

Video Courtesy: Terry Pope

UPDATE (5:50 PM) — This is video of the store Greer’s in Fairhope being impacted by the winds caused by Sally.

Video Courtesy: Tamara Wintzell

UPDATE (5:45 PM) — Video below shows a dock breaking off, a tree blowing in wind, and a house panel torn off.

UPDATE (5:06 PM) — With water rising along the Dog River before Sally even hits the area, a WKRG News 5 viewer sent in video of his dog playing in the flood.

Video Courtesy: Bobby Lankfort

UPDATE (4:58 PM) — The United Cajun Navy are mobilizing at Theodore Dawes and Highway 90. The following video is an interview with a member of the crew.

Here’s video the United Cajun Navy sent WKRG News 5:

UPDATE (3:23PM) — Power trucks from Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri were seen meeting at the Robertsdale Walmart before heading to Baldwin EMC. 

UPDATE (2:42 PM) — The OBA Docks at Wolf Bay Side were torn apart during the storm.

Video Courtesy: Scott Koehn

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:48 PM) Fire ants can float in floodwater as they clump together to survive. Be careful

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:35 PM) Nancy Chen reports on Hurricane Sally as the storm approaches the Gulf.

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:30 PM) Lighthouse Park Miss. residents are hoping that Hurricane Sally continues on this eastward trend

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:30 PM) Gulf Port Miss. is starting to see flooding from the impacts of Hurricane Sally’s outer bans.

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:15 PM) — Watch as the Casino boats in Bayou La Batre as Hurricane Sally approaches

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:10 PM) Panama City Florida also saw flooding on Tuesday before Hurricane Sally is scheduled to make landfall on Wednesday.

UPDATE (9/15/20 1:08 PM) — Flooding on Ono Island at Oldshue occurred leading up to Hurricane Sally’s impact scheduled for Wednesday.

UPDATE (9/15/20 12:11 PM) — Watch as waves bash the Dauphin Island coast

UPDATE (9/15/20 10 AM) — Bankhead tunnel closed at 10 AM ahead of Hurricane Sally

UPDATE (9/15/20 6:36 AM) — The surge continued to grow at Orange Beach as Hurricane Sally moved slowly toward the coast.

UPDATE (9/15/20 5:32 AM) — The sea level rose quickly early Tuesday morning on the Dauphin Island causeway.

UPDATE (9/15/20 4:52 AM) — Hurricane Sally has weakened. Hurricane Sally is now expected to be a Category 1 on landfall.

UPDATE (9/15/20 3:37 AM) — Destin, Florida began seeing storm surge from Hurricane Sally as early as Tuesday, September 14, 2020.

(WKRG) — Residents along the Gulf Coast are preparing for Hurricane Sally, which is forecast to be a Category 2 hurricane when it makes landfall.

The Circle K gas station on Dauphin Island was boarded up Monday in preparation for Sally.

Residents in Pascagoula filled their tanks as the water continued to rise before Sally makes landfall.

The Pascagoula Fire Department visited homes to make sure residents were prepared for Sally.

People filled sandbags to protect their homes from storm surge from Hurricane Sally.

People in Pensacola Beach came out Monday to check out the waves as Sally approaches.