Video: Daphne first responders comfort little boys who tried to save their grandma’s life


Calm.  Poised.  Quick Acting.  

Those words are used to describe first responders, but not always 12-year-old boys.

In Baldwin County, first responders are praising a boy for using his Boy Scout Training to help them after his grandmother had a massive heart attack. 

“I believe she’s unconscious… Grandma?” you hear 12-year-old Hagan Branch ask in a video caught on a home camera system as his grandmother lays slumped near the couch.  

The video isn’t easy to watch.  Hagan Branch is on the phone with 911. 

“Can I please get an ambulance here?” Hagan calmly asks on the phone.  

Grandma Marilyn Branch was babysitting while her son, Travis, and his wife Tina were in Texas.  It was a Friday.  Hagan and his brother Zachery got home from school and grandma said she wasn’t feeling well.  

“After that, she had a heart attack,” Hagan explained.  

She collapses, and Hagan knows exactly what to do, thanks to training from the Boy Scouts of America.  

“In Boy Scouts, they teach you how to be calm in situations like this,” Hagan said.  “Because if you overreact, you could hurt yourself or hurt someone else while you’re overreacting and then if you just stay calm it will go a lot easier.”

After first responders arrived and transported grandma, the boys go to a neighbor’s home, then to mom and dad’s friend’s house.  That’s when the boys got a small surprise they weren’t expecting at all. 

The first responders came to the house to talk to the boys.  

“Everything was spot on because of the information you gave us,” he says, crouched down so he can be face to face with the two boys.  

“I wasn’t expecting them to show up,” Hagan says.  “They basically sat us down, talked to us… and I talked to them.”

“You guys are really special young men, OK?” the first responder says.  “Hold your heads up.  You did everything right.  Perfect.”

“It felt nice knowing that somebody actually cared and came back to make sure we were actually OK,” Hagan said.  

The next morning, the boys learned their grandmother had passed away.  

“Knowing that it wasn’t her alone somewhere else, that she was here with some of her grandchildren that she loved dearly, it’s a good thing,” said Travis Branch, the boy’s father.  

For Travis, who wasn’t there when this happened because he was in Texas for cancer treatment, the reaction from first responders brings a peace hard to describe.  

“One of my worries is always who is going to be there for my boys if I am not there,” Travis Branch said.  “To see a man step into those shoes for me when I couldn’t be here at the time, and say the words I want to say to him… It’s huge.”

News 5 reached out to Daphne Fire to see if we could talk to the firefighter in the video, but we were told he was off shift today.  

The Branch family wanted to thank first responders and the Boy Scouts for all their help and comfort.

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