Victim of brutal attack partially blames court system


While the swelling in her face has gone down, May Thornton is nowhere close to healed. Her face is still severely broken in several places.

“I can’t breath good and I wake up at night gasping,” said Thornton.

Her alleged attacker, Charles Darrington, had a preliminary hearing Tuesday for the January 2 home invasion in which he is charged with robbery and two counts of assault. Authorities say Darrington beat and stabbed Thornton while she slept and then beat her grandson with a metal pipe.

Thornton had previously let Darrington stay at her home while he was trying to get back on his feet. She believes he attacked her as an act of revenge. She kicked him out after she learned he had been arrested on a robbery charge.

Thornton is upset not only with Darrington, but with the court system as well. She says he should have never been out of jail in the first place. She says had he stayed behind bars he never would have had the chance to attack her and her grandson.

In the past year Darrington has been arrested four times. He was released on bond after his first three arrests for charges including strong arm robbery and domestic violence. The District Attorney’s office made multiple requests in the last year to have Darrington’s bond revoked. Those requests were either denied or hearings for consideration lingered in the court system for months.

“I just feel like it’s not right especially on someone like this,” said Thornton. “Violent people should not get out. They snap. They just snap.”

On Tuesday a judge granted the state’s motion to revoke Darrington’s bond. 

It gives Thornton some solace knowing Darrrington cannot get out to hurt someone else, but she strongly believes the court system needs to change.

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