Mystery military locket found in Gulf Shores, search for owner begins

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GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Metal detecting has become a favorite pastime of Army veteran John Pawlik.

The transplant from Chicago has gotten pretty good at it. Most of his finds have been coins and jewelry but one piece of jewelry in particular, “Something like this, I wish it could talk,” has him searching for something no metal detector can find.

“That’s a medallion, picture of a marine ” he says holding a pendant no bigger than the size of a coin, “and it’s just an interesting find.”

Finding out who it is and where it belongs has become a pastime for Pawlik and his wife Tammie. “It’s somebody’s brother, uncle, father,” she says. “We don’t even know how old it is.”

“The picture itself is kind of hard to make out but, put two and two together and say oh yeah that’s mine or that was that person,” says Pawlik.

They have posted on social media with no luck, contacted veterans groups with no luck. They know it’s a longshot, but they’re not giving up. “We just don’t know the story,” says Tammie.

“It’s somebody that was a marine, that was in the service, served their country and I just want to return it to the owner or a relative of this person and give it back to them,” says Pawlik.

Most of the things Pawlik finds while metal detecting has little value but this, this could be priceless to whoever lost it.


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