Spanish Fort, Ala. (WKRG) — Kerry Wallace has been a teacher for 30 years—27 of those have been spent at Rockwell Elementary in Spanish Fort.

“Which seems impossible because I still feel like it’s my first.  Daily I’m reminded no matter how long you’ve done this it can feel like your first year,” said Wallace.

Wallace teaches second graders at Rockwell—and she believes, sometimes, they are much smarter than some of us adults.

She said, “I just feel like they want to learn and they can read and write–I learn as much every day from them as I hope they learn from me.”

Speaking of her 27-year tenure at Rockwell–she’s actually one of the original teachers, along with long-time principal Robbie Owen.

Owen said, “Kerry mentioned her years, but 27 years we’ve worked here together–we opened our school 27 years ago and she’s worn many hats.”

And on top of teaching, Wallace is also Mom to 10-year-old Hudson–who helped keep our Golden Apple Award secret—and told us how he likes spending time with her.

“Go to waterparks and things..”

“Is that an everyday thing?”

“Every day–we go to waterparks,” said Wallace–tongue in cheek of course.

Our congratulations to Kerry Wallace and Rockwell Elementary for a job well done.