(WKRG) — The family is still managing to find hope after a semi-truck rammed into their car on Interstate 10 early Sunday morning, killing nine-month-old Javarien Grier.

The tragedy could’ve been much worse.

So his mother is now thanking the man who stopped to help pull her other children to safety.

“I’m so thankful that he was strong enough to do that for me, because I couldn’t,” says McCoy.

Derreona McCoy’s five-year-old daughter Andariyah has been discharged, but she’s still hoping for improving conditions for her seven-year-old son Desni who is still hospitalized at Sacred Heart Hospital.

“He has bruising and bleeding on his brain right now, and when they pulled him out of there I thought he was dead,” says McCoy.

While Desni recovers, McCoy is waiting for her chance to thank the good Samaritan.

“The guy like I didn’t even know him, he said that was his son in the car sitting over there, and he took his child blanket and he had wrapped my baby up.”

According to McCoy, the man held the body of her lifeless son until medical personnel could come and assist a detail the family found out after the man reached out to them on Facebook.

“I wasn’t going to be able to get them out, because the seats was on top on them he had pushed my whole trunk and my seats all the way to the front, and I thank god that the people where there, because he saved their life, he saved their life,” says McCoy.

Now the family has a go fund me account to help pay for funeral and mounting medical expenses. Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/homegoing-for-javarien

A family from Orlando, Florida experienced the unthinkable early Sunday morning on Interstate 10.

They were traveling back from Louisiana, where they evacuated during hurricane Irma, when a semi rear-ended them.

“I look in my rearview mirror I see no lights, I look in my mirror again I see lights, and boom,” says Derrona McCoy, mother of the deceased infant.

A mother of six, Derreona McCoy says she did everything she could to save her children.

“I lift the front seat up, and my baby was just sitting there, I try to go reach and grab his head and get him out but that’s when I have brain manner and blood all over my hands, and my 10 year old was right there to see that,” says McCoy.

The little nine-month-old boy Juavarn McCoy did not survive the crash.

“And I just seen the blood, drip from his legs, and his feet, and it hurt me so bad because I couldn’t do nothing,” says McCoy.

In the midst of McCoy trying to pull her family to safety, a group of good samaritans jumped in to help.

“They helped me take the rest of my kids out of that car, because as soon as they took my kids out of that car, the whole car shot up into flames, and I sat on the side of the road, with him in a blanket and I held him and kissed him for the last time,” says McCoy.

For now, the family is asking for the prayers of the community to help them through the ordeal.