Donald Trump is still the clear cut presidential leader in Alabama but at this point he does not have the support of a majority of voters in the state.

An exclusive News-5/Strategy Research Poll shows 48-percent say they have decided to vote for Trump, 32-percent for Hillary Clinton.13-percent say they are undecided. Seven-percent plan to vote for third party candidates.

Pollster Jon Gray says the fact that 20-percent of Alabama voters are undecided or backing candidates outside the two-party system shows Trump and Clinton remain highly unpopular.

“The electorate is looking at a choice between two very unfavorable candidates,” he said. “You’re going to have a high percentage of people who don’t vote, who vote for independents. At the end of the day you’re going to have people who hold their nose and go and vote who they pray will do the best job.”

Trump is down 9-percent in Alabama from a News-5 Strategy Research Poll conducted in mid-July. Clinton dropped only one-percent. The July poll did not offer an “undecided” option. 10-percent said they would vote for “other” candidates or “would not vote.”

Gray says no doubt Trump will win in Alabama but his slipping popularity here is not a good sign for the Republican candidate.

“In one of the most conservative states in the nation, if he’s not pulling over 50-percent, where does he stand in Ohio, Virgina, Colorado, and Nevada,” Gray asked? “We see these numbers. We know they are tight races and even in Alabama we don’t see him with 60, 65-percent . So you know in these other more moderate state he’s going to have problems.”

The poll was conducted by phone statewide Tuesday night. More than 3,000 registered voters responded. The poll has a margin of error of two-percent.