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Monday, July 15

7:55 am

On I-10 eastbound between the I-65 interchange and Dauphin Island Parkway there are two separate accidents. One of them involving injuries and all of them involving between three and five vehicles total. Only the right-hand lane is open in that area and we’re seeing delays beginning at Rangeline Road on eastbound I-10 and close to Government Street on I-65 Southbound headed towards I-10 so expect heavy delays in those areas.  Highway Patrol on the scene of a fender bender I-10 Westbound at the Four Mile Marker.

7:25 am

Mobile Police reporting a multiple vehicle accident I-10 headed eastbound there between the I-65 interchange in Dauphin Island Parkway. It started off with a disabled vehicle and then a pileup kind of occurred. Only the right hand lane is open right now and delays coming down I-65 Southbound to the I-10 interchange and before you get to the I-10 interchange as well. Highway Patrol on the scene of an accident I-10 Westbound of the Grand Bay Wilmer Road exit (that the exit four) where a car hit a guardrail. There no injuries.

6:50 am

We begin with a police matter Mobile Police on the top of the Cochrane Africatown bridge and it has the right hand lane closed on the bridge headed Eastbound coming from Mobile headed towards the causeway. There are no accidents right now in Mobile according to Mobile Police or Alabama Highway Patrol.  In Pensacola the roadway continues to be blocked there Brent Lane near I-110 there’s an accident with injuries there from earlier and emergency vehicles are on the scen.

6:30 am

Florida Highway Patrol now on the scene of an accident that involves injuries and looks like the roadway is blocked there at Brent Lane right near I-110.  Watch out for delays in that area and make way for emergency vehicles.  They’re still on the scene of that earlier fender-bender North Blue Angel Parkway just West of Mobile Highway but it’s not blocking the roadway .  Those are the only two accidents in Pensacola and right now we don’t have any accidents in Mobile. Both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol report no problems.

6:00 am

So far we start off your Monday morning with one accident, it’s in Pensacola at North Blue Angel Parkway just West of Mobile Highway. It was a fender bender and it’s off to the side of the roadway and no delay.  That was the only accident not just in Pensacola but also in Mobile. Both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol report no accidents to begin today. We’re looking good coming down I-65.  The Bayway and Causeway both look good, through the tunnels without any delay and no issues throughout West Mobile.

5:50 am

Florida Highway Patrol continues to work an accident on North Blue Angel Parkway a little West of Mobile Highway.  It was just a fender bender and the roadway is cleared and that is the only accident right now on the roadways throughout Pensacola. Which is one more accident that we have in Mobile. Both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol report no accidents. It’s a smooth commute on the Bayway and Causeway and through the tunnels and throughout the downtown area.

5:30 am

Overall it’s been a pretty good start for your early Monday morning commute.  Florida Highway Patrol letting us know of a new accident North Blue Angel Parkway just a little west of Mobile Highway but the roadway is clear. No other accidents on the Panhandle beyond that. Looking good right now throughout Mobile. Both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol report no accidents, this includes the downtown area, coming down I-65 and the Bayway and Causeway.

5:00 am

A nice quiet start to your early Monday morning commute. We begin accident-free throughout Mobile according to both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol.  It’s a smooth commute coming down I-65.  No problem or delay crossing the Bayway or Causeway, we look good through both tunnels as well.  Through Baldwin County moving along nicely and no issues right now on the Panhandle according to Florida Highway Patrol and Pensacola Police.

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