If you look closely, something is missing in the console of this Grady White. Two holes in the console used to contain Garmin GPS monitors. “They spent their time unbolting everything, unscrewing it where they can resale it because it takes a lot of time to pull a unit out so it’s not completely destroyed so they can sell it,” says the mechanic replacing the missing high-tech devices Chad Daniel.

It’s been happening a lot in Orange Beach over the last six months as thieves target condos, marinas and private docks. “May to October we’ve had approximately 16 GPS chart plotters taken. All of the chart plotters that have been Garmin products,” says investigator Steve Brown.

After avoiding surveillance cameras for months police finally got a break. An image of one of the thieves captured on a private dock. He is covered from head to toe including gloves. “We believe he’s carrying a screw gun and a GPS device,” says Brown.

Police believe they also captured the getaway car. So far, they’ve taken almost a hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment. “They haven’t taken any stereo or coolers, just displays,” says Daniel.

Ironically the devices used to help keep track of where you are going and finding fish are no help in tracking the stolen goods or finding the thieves.