MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — You could call Tuesday night’s Pokémon Go event in downtown Mobile a “PokéSuccess.”

According to the Mobile Police Department, upwards of a thousand people visited Dauphin Street for “Light it up with Lures,” a special event organized on Facebook for players of Pokémon Go.

Additionally, police say there wasn’t a single incident reported.

For more than two hours, Dauphin Street near Cathedral Square was covered with players holding up their smartphones, searching for the digital creatures called Pokémon.

“This is like Mardi Gras,” one player said. “I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

Local businesses were swarmed with customers, many of them wearing Pokémon hats, or t-shirts representing their team in the game: red for Team Valor, blue for Team Mystic, or yellow for Team Instinct.

A group photo was taken in Cathedral Square, where players shouted out their team name.

Last night’s Pokemon Go event in downtown brought hundreds of fans of all ages from neighborhoods throughout the city. Everyone was having an amazing time in the single pursuit of Pokemon, and in the process getting to know people they would never encounter in any other setting.” — Carol Hunter, Downtown Mobile Alliance 

A Mobile Police Officer, who told News 5 he’s the only “avid Pokémon player in the department,” was paroling the street with the Pokémon opening theme song blasting from his patrol car.

The purpose of the event was to bring players together using “lure modules” — an in-game feature that helps players congregate in one area for an increased chance of catching Pokémon.

Among the rarer Pokémon caught last night, News 5’s J.B. Biunno said he was with players who caught Snorlax, Electabuzz and Growlithe.

(JB got mostly Pidgey, Rattata, and Weedle)