SAN ANTONIO (WOAI)The Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club is known for giving back to the families of fallen law enforcement officers.

But this weekend, the organization mourned the lives of three of their own.

Jerry Harbour, Joseph Paglia and Michael White were riding their motorcycles with a group on state highway 16 south of Kerrville when a car traveling in the opposite direction crossed over the center line and hit several of the motorcycles head-on.

“All three of those guys who passed away had spent their lives serving the people in their communities and protecting the people in their communities from guys like that yesterday,” said David Weed the public information office for Thin Blue Line.

  • Joseph Paglia, President of the Chicago chapter, Retired Officer with the Niles City Police Dept
  • Jerry Wayne Harbour from Houston, Thin Blue Line Ambassador, Lt. Col. Army (retired)and Pilot for Eastern Airlines(Retired)
  • Michael White, Secretary of our Chicago chapter, Chicago Community Services Officer, U.S. Army(retired)

“They would truly do anything for anybody,” Weed said.

According to Kerr County jail records, 28-year-old Ivan Navejas Robles faces several counts of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

“It not only affects everyone who killed yesterday and their families, but it affects everyone who all of those people served in their communities and protected,” Weed said.

Weed added that nine other members of the organization were injured in the crash.

“Varying degrees of injuries with those nine. Many are still at the hospital,” Weed said. “You know there’s an extreme head injury, a guy who might lose his leg. Some were treated and have been released.”

The group was in the Texas Hill Country celebrating its 11th birthday, and now the day is marked with the tragic loss of the three men.

“We’re remembering them for what they were. they were pillars in the community,” Weed said.

The group is asking for anyone who wants to help their member’s families during this time to donate to the Thin Blue Line Foundation.

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