The prelude: Erratic behavior displayed at job site prior to mass shooting


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – While the mass shooting took place in Odessa more than three months ago, we now have some clarity on what may have sparked those tragic events.

The City of Odessa released hundreds of documents on Monday night that help paint a clearer picture of what took place that day, the struggle officers endure, but also what took place prior to the shootings.

The encounter with Seth Ator had actually begun a few hours prior to the shootings at his place of work.

In a report released Monday, OPD officers described responding to a business in Odessa around 1:30 p.m. Aug. 31. They were being called to the business due to an ongoing disturbance between Ator and his boss.

The responding officer wrote in the report that he was told Ator was “acting crazy and screaming at the complainant.”

While en route to the business, the officer was notified that Ator’s boss had closed the gate at the business to prevent him from leaving the area, according to the report.

However, Ator reportedly crashed through the fence and drove away from the scene before OPD officers arrived.

While at the business, officers say they spoke to Ator’s boss who outlined what was happening when the argument ensued.

His boss told police that he had called Ator in to fire him after at least three complaints were made against the accused shooter, according to the report. When Ator arrived at the business to be fired, his boss said he became “very irate” and was making “crazy statements” about a group of dispatchers, among other agencies and individuals, according to the report.

Specifically, Ator made claims that the dispatchers were part of a child pornography conspiracy and that they were tracking his whereabouts, the report details.

Ator then crashed through the fence and left the business, police say.

Shortly after the OPD officers spoke to Ator’s boss, he called 911 claiming he was kidnapped and forced to watch pornography and that he had broken out of the gate to escape, information in the report outlines.

He is then accused of hanging up, calling back and demanding to speak with the FBI.

Ator then spoke directly with the OPD officer and reportedly reiterated the claim that he had been kidnapped by his boss. Officers then wrote that he started talking about the conspiracy that workers, agencies and companies were involved in child pornography and cyber stalking.

Furthermore, Ator told officers that he had been reporting this conspiracy for about five years, the report reads.

Officers reportedly found multiple instances in which Ator contacted police about the conspiracy.

Ator would then disconnect the phone call with the OPD officer.

A short time later, “…a gold colored Toyota Camry…traveling SB on SW Loop 338 driving erratically and displaying a ‘long rifle’,” was reported to OPD dispatch, followed by numerous gunshot victims.

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