PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) —The City of Prichard kicked off a week-long of events for Juneteenth, Sunday afternoon.

The celebration began with a brunch, followed by a parade that went through several parts of downtown.

Locals, including Brittany Daniels, brought their families out to celebrate.

“I think it’s important for my children to know about their history,” said Daniels. “So what better way than to bring them out. So that’s why we’re out here today.”

Several organizations and vendors set up stands along Wilson Avenue, including Bianca Carter with The Roots Hair Oil and Benita Warner with Awaken.

“It’s for the culture,” said Carter. “It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a place to network. Learn your history.”

“It’s a great way to start to get in touch with our roots, like where we come from… and actually knowing our history,” said Warner.

People of all ages commemorated the day enslaved African Americans officially found out they were free, here in the United States.

“I know the Juneteenth is about basically the freedom of slavery and I just wanted to come out and celebrate it,” said Hailey Keeby.

“Juneteenth is an annual celebration for my family and I,” said Monshae Donald, Candidate for District Attorney. “It is a celebration of love, fight, and especially resilience… and even though it’s really hot I wouldn’t miss it. There are so many vendors out there. Black businesses to support. Just an incredible day for families. “

As crime in Mobile locally continues to increase, many say they hope Juneteenth celebrations
will give those in the community a moment to reflect on how valuable life and freedom really is.

“Juneteenth has so much associated with our past, our history, and the celebration of what we should be focusing on today,” says W.O.M.B. Organizer Patricia Law. “With so many issues going on with our youth violence and so much crime in our city, we just want to highlight how important people are…”

“We don’t remember our history then we’re doomed to repeat it,” said Donald. “So its important that we teach our children about Juneteenth and our countries history, although it may be ugly. Slavery is a real thing, it was a real thing in this country. And we did overcome slavery in this country and we fought and we continue to fight every day.”

The city of Prichard will be hosting other events for Juneteenth, throughout the week.

For a full list of events click here.