It’s a strange series of events that started with a group of high school boys being hailed heroes, then days later all of them going to jail–along with a substitute teacher. And the young girls whose lives they saved, they went to jail too.

On back-to-back nights deputies in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida arrested adults for under age drinking parties. And both have ties to the same Alabama School district.

A substitute teacher was arrested early Friday morning after deputies received a call of a naked woman in the road. at 43 Sandcastles Court. Deputies say that when the went to the house, they found two highly intoxicated people leaving. One of them, 28-year-old Walton Johnson said he was the guardian and admitted that he was aware that minors were inside drinking. He claimed he did not provide the alcohol.

Deputies say they found alcohol all over the house. They also found marijuana and pills. Deputies arrested 21 minors in possession of alcohol and took them to the Walton County jail. 13 others were issued notices to appear in court. Deputies also arrested Johnson, and he’s charged with 13 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and open house party.

Just the morning before, deputies say,  a chaperone from the same school district, Misty Dell Brooks, 42, was also arrested for open house party. Deputies say they found found several underage students, mostly girls, with alcohol.

In a strange twist, many of the young men arrested were hailed heroes just a few days ago. There was a large house fire across from the home they were staying in. The boys rushed across the street and helped young girls staying in that home get out safely. Those young girls, it turns out, were the same ones arrested in the house party bust involving Misty Dell Brooks. They had relocated to another house, deputies say, and threw an illegal party.