MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Election Day is approaching, and students in a political science class at the University of South Alabama got a firsthand look at how the voting process works.

Demonstrations on how to use voting machines, mock ballots and learning the duties of poll workers were all apart of Dr. Philip Habel’s political science class on Thursday.

Judge Don Davis, the chief election officer and probate judge for Mobile County, facilitated the conversation and provided the voting equipment for the class.

Judge Davis educated students on election integrity, including voter, poll worker, machine, and ballot security by displaying the voting procedures Mobile County uses during an election.

Students had the opportunity to vote on a practice ballot, cast their vote, and learn how to use a voting machine. The results of the students’ vote were announced after some of them volunteered to act as poll workers to physically tally the ballots.

“We want all of our voters, regardless of their age, to feel comfortable in the election process and procedure and to have faith and confidence in those procedures and in the results of the elections we conduct,” said Judge Davis.

The students also had the option to register to vote in class or fill out an absentee ballot application. They say learning about the voting process was very helpful.

“I really enjoyed that it kind of resolved the issues that a lot of people have with the voting machines,” said Mayte Bastida, the freshman criminal justice major. “Especially with knowing if it was properly done or managed because a lot of people think about voter fraud.”

“A lot of times, younger voters don’t vote so hearing this now is just like fuel to the fire to let them know that it is important,” said KC Crusoe, the freshman political science major. “It’s worthwhile so when you do vote take it seriously because it is something that impacts our lives forever.”

There are 80 precincts in Mobile County and voting will take place on November 8th.

October 24th is the last day to register for the November election.