Despite the damage and a big cleanup today, people in this small rural community are glad the storm wasn’t worse.  It happened in the Bethel community of Escambia County, Alabama.  Homeowners say when the strong weather moved through on Sunday afternoon some of them had to take shelter.  Many felt it rumble as it passed.

“I turned to channel 5 News and saw where it was coming towards us and we went to the hallway with some mattresses, and it got really quiet, then a loud boom and when we laid down, put the mattresses over top of us it was terrifying.  Like you could feel the floor lift up, it felt like everything was being sucked up and then heard things breaking sounded like our doors flung open,” said Tiffany Day as she cleaned debris off her front porch.  Today homeowners are focused on cleaning up the wreckage.  They were salvaging what they can.  They’re trying to make things look like they did before the storm rolled through.  No serious injuries were reported in all this damage.