The Alabama Board of Education and Escambia County Board of Education are investigating after school administrators found discrepancies in students’ grade reports in East Brewton. 

Escambia County Superintendent John Knott confirms there were changes to students’ grades at W.S. Neal High School. The discrepancies were discovered when the school was finalizing the Top 10 students. 

Knott reported it immediately to the Alabama Board of Education. 

“I’m determined to find all of the facts on how this change happened and I’m determined to resolve this matter,” Knott said in a statement to News 5. 

Knott can’t comment on who was involved and how many students’ grades could have been affected. Knott is also unsure whether or not there will be a valedictorian or salutatorian by graduation on May 22nd. It depends on when the investigation is complete, Knott said. 

Shannon Odom’s son is a senior at the high school and plans to go to the University of Alabama. Odom says his son was called into the office and told there was an investigation and was asked if he knew who did it. 

“My son called on Tuesday afternoon and basically told me that there was an investigation with the Top 10 list, that someone has hacked into the grades and has been changing grades since 2016,” Odom said.

Odom says his son doesn’t know who did it but he is concerned about where he will fall in his class as he is applying for scholarships. 

“It hurts me because I know these kids here and they’ve spent long nights, countless nights, studying for this achievement and for it to be taken away from them because of reckless actions,” Parent Monica Fountain said. 

Fountain made a post on Facebook that received a lot of comments and reaction from other parents Thursday. She and other parents have a lot of questions for the school district. 

“Who did it?” she asked. “How did they have access to do it? What is the school doing to prevent this from happening again?”

The school district isn’t releasing any details until the investigation is complete.