SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — The junior class from St. Paul’s Episcopal School spent Thursday morning placing flags by each grave at Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

“It was a really nice experience to be able to do this with all my classmates and honor those who have passed for our country,” said Caroline Carrington, a junior at St. Paul’s School.

Each year, St. Paul’s junior class helps prepare for Veteran’s Day, but it’s more than just putting a flag in the ground.

Margaret Colley, head of flag distribution at Veterans Memorial Cemetery, said this means a lot not only to her, but to others.

“On this special day, we like to emphasize the fact that we all need to come together and thank a veteran on this particular day, said Colley. “Especially by placing these flags out here, not only remembers the veteran that is endured here, but also sends a message to the families” 

The St. Paul’s students placed a flag in front of over 3,400 graves at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery to honor those who have served our country.

For some students, this hits close to home. Neely Benton, a junior at St. Paul’s, said this day is extra special to her.

“My grandfather was a veteran,” said Benton. “He was a doctor in the Army, he was going to go into Desert Storm.”

As the students finished, Colley reminded them one thing.  

“If you see a veteran, just thank them for their service,” said Colley. “A lot of times they came home and are not thanked and they just live what they call, a normal life and didn’t think they did anything special, but they did.”

Veterans Day is on Nov. 11. There will be a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Colley said it’ll start around 10 a.m., but is subject to change.