MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Chloe Goss became the largest baby born at Springhill Hospital when she was born in 2003. She tipped the scales at 14 pounds 2 ounces. 18 years later, Goss continues to be a record holder.

“I’m like the biggest baby at Springhill Hospital and to this day I still am. Wow, that’s crazy,” said Chloe.

Her mother, Kathleen Goss, recalls the reaction from WKRG News 5 evening anchor Rose Ann Haven when the station did a story introducing viewers to the big baby.

“I remember you saying, oh what cute cheeks. I could just squeeze them,” Kathleen told Rose Ann.

At birth, Chloe’s dad was impressed with his daughter’s strength.

“She’s gotta grip on her already. She grabbed my finger the other morning and ten minutes after she let go…I still felt the grip. She’s gonna play softball…something like that,” said Norman Goss.

Chloe would go on to participate in West Mobile Girl’s Softball.

In the hospital, Kathleen and Norman remember others eager to see what they looked like. “There was five or six people following us because they wanted to see the parents of this big baby and we’re like…We’re just pretty average people. We just had a big baby, that’s all.”

Kathleen says her pregnancy with Chloe was normal. She did undergo a C-section.

The Springhill baby who graduated from high school on Saturday has just received a scholarship to attend Spring Hill College in the fall. She’s interested in law enforcement and who knows what other records she may set in the future.

“We’ll see where it goes. One step at a time,” said Chloe.