WILMER, Ala. (WKRG) — A man arrested Wednesday and charged with murdering his mother in Mobile County was a fan of a serial killer responsible for dozens of murders, investigators said.

Nathaniel Sebastian was booked into Metro Jail after investigators with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office found the body of his mother, Susan Mayo, inside a barrel buried beneath the front porch of her home in Wilmer.

Mayo was reported missing in June, and deputies had visited her property several times in the weeks leading up to Wednesday’s discovery.

“He’s always said he was a fan of John Gacy, who was a serial killer who kept bodies underneath his home. So this isn’t surprising this is what happened here,” said Captain Paul Burch of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Burch said Sebastian had mentioned the serial killer on Facebook, as well as to one of the detectives on the case.

John Wayne Gacy was convicted of murdering 33 boys and young men, burying 26 of his victims in the crawl space under his home in Illinois. The crimes happened in the mid-1970s, and Gacy was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

“We know through interviewing friends and family that [Sebastian] has an extremely violent temper. That’s been one consistent thing that everyone has said about him. And we believe that this is what led to the death of Susan Mayo.” Burch said.

According to Burch, when deputies began searching near the home’s front porch, Sebastian told them “my mother is under the porch.”

On Wednesday, deputies also arrested Mayo’s mother, Doris Clark, who was booked into Metro Jail on a charge of hindering prosecution.

News 5 spoke with both Sebastian and Clark as they were escorted to jail Wednesday night.

“I loved my mother,” Sebastian said, after News 5’s Allen Carter asked if he had anything to say in his defense. Then, when Allen asked Sebastian if he was bothered that his mother was found, he simply replied, “No.”

When asked if she knew about the body under the porch, Clark responded, “No, I didn’t know anything.”

Sebastian is charged with murder, corpse abuse and promoting prison contraband. Deputies say the contraband charge is related to a homemade handcuff key he concealed in his mouth.