We’re back at it for another episode of Sink Your Teeth In, as Kimber and I travel to Gulf Shores to check out some of the amazing cuisine at two local eateries right off Highway 59: Tuscany Pizza and Grille, and King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant. As we already know, Gulf Shores is home to some of the most pristine shorelines in the country, but what you may not know is how delicious the food is!

After hitting the beach to start our day, Kimber was in the mood for some “Beach Pizza”, to which I happily complied, because if anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I love pizza! So, we made our way over to Tuscany Pizza and Grille where we were met by the Day Manager, Cali Northcutt who was kind enough to hang out with us and give us a little background to their establishment. It seems that Tuscany Pizza and Grille was founded by a couple of friends who loved to travel and eat, and wanted to bring Tuscany back to Gulf Shores, which sounds like a pretty good plan to me!

After talking to Cali, it was time for us to sink our teeth into delicious pizza that I could smell all around me. Instead of going for the typical Neapolitan style pizza that comes with red sauce and mozzarella, Kimber and I opted to try the Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo pizza with broccoli, and it was AMAZING! The combination of mozzarella and alfredo tickled my fatboy senses at the highest levels with its savory, buttery flavors hitting all the right tastebuds. Then, once you add the chicken and shrimp to it, I was in heaven! This pizza is definitely a place on Gulf Shores that every pizza fan needs to check out!

Once we bade farewell to our friends at Tuscany Pizza and Grille, we made our way over to King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant, where we were met by its owner Richie Montelaro. Richie came to own King Neptune’s when he was looking to open a restaurant in Gulf Shores and had conversation with its former owner who was ready to retire. He asked Richie if he would like to take over for him, and the rest was history.

During our conversation with Richie, our shrimp and grits came out and I have to say that it was out of this world! It was a New Orleans style shrimp and grits, so it came with that Cajun flavor that New Orleans is famous for. The flavors were firing on all cylinders and was so good that both me and Kimber had to give King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant a double thumbs up!

It was a great day in Gulf Shores, and we would like to thank both Tuscany Pizza and Grille, as well as King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant for their phenomenal hospitality and most importantly the delectable food that they provided.

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