UPDATE (11:03 AM) — “Baby Jane Doe” was finally identified after nearly 4 decades as Alisha Ann Heinrich with the help of DNA genealogy testing.

Alisha’s mother was also named by officials as being Gwendolyn Mae Clemons (Heinrich). According to JCSO, she is still missing.

Deputies say a suspect is in mind, however he is deceased.

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WKRG) — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says it will release new information this week on a child death mystery that has haunted the area for nearly 4 decades. “Baby Jane Doe” was an infant who was found floating in a river on December 5th 1982.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “on December 5, 1982, the body of an unidentified child was found in thick brush along the Escatawpa River, beneath the Westbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Jackson County, MS. The body was that of a white female, approximately 18 months old. She had been deceased less than two days before being found. The child was approximately 2-5” tall and weighed around 25 pounds. Her eye color was indecipherable but was possibly brown or blue. Her hair color was strawberry blonde. The child was found wearing a pink and white checkered “Cradle Togs” dress or shirt and a disposable diaper. She had 12 teeth and appeared to have been well-nourished and cared for. Witnesses recall seeing a young adult female, carrying a baby walking along the Interstate a few nights prior to when her body was found. Authorities believe the baby seen by witnesses could be this unidentified child. The adult female has never been located or identified. The image above is a facial reconstruction completed by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and depicts what the child may have looked like in life.”

The sheriff’s office says it will not release any new information until Friday. WKRG New 5 will be at the news conference on Friday and bring it to you LIVE on WKRG.com and the WKRG News 5 Facebook page. Download the WKRG News 5 app to get an alert when live breaking news like this happens.