BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — With Halloween approaching this weekend, many are bringing up past superstitions and myths about black cats.

Kathy Beatson with the Bay County, Fla., Animal Control said superstitions about black cats bringing bad luck were popular many years ago.

Some shelters even refused to adopt out black cats during the month of October back in the day, according to Beatson.

However, she said the felines broke out of that stigma when rescue groups and humane societies became mainstream. Beatson said the shelter has always been able to adopt out black cats — but it’s not always been easy.

“They usually are the last ones to get adopted… You hate to say that, but you know, like Tom [the black cat] here. He’s a sweet cat — he’s just loving this attention,” Beatson said. “But he’ll get adopted… It’s just a matter of time and the right person coming in.”

Beatson said the shelter has around six black cats left up for adoption if you want a new furry friend for this weekend’s holiday.