Severe Thunderstorm Preparedness


It’s severe weather awareness week in Mississippi and Alabama…. every dqay this week is dedicated to a different weather phenomena. Today’s focus is on severe thunderstorms. 

Severe thunderstorms can occur any time of the year and at any time of the day, but are most common during the late afternoon and evening hours during the spring months of March, April, and May. 

Since Mobile is within the top 10 stormiest cities in the United States, knowing what to do before, during, and after a storm could make all the difference. 

The first thing to do when preparing for severe weather is to make sure you have multiple ways to receive warning information. Keep in mind that your power may go out, so you will want a backup source that does not require internet or electricity, such as a NOAA weather radio. 

If a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for your location, there may be damaging winds or large hail approaching, so continue to stay aware of the situation with your warning devices and seek shelter. 

If you’re already indoors, go to an interior room away from windows and doors. 

What do you do if you are outside, you may ask? Find the nearest shelter… do not go under a tree! Standing under a tree puts you at a greater risk of being struck by lightning or having the tree fall on you. 

After the threat has completely passed, carefully check your property for damages and let your loved ones know you are okay. 

Christina Andress, News 5. 

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