Sessions Supporters Gather for Cable News Live Shots


Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Spot of Tea becomes a mini Republican headquarters Wednesday morning. As a Fox News camera was rolling, supporters came to talk, eggs, issues, and Sessions.

“I can tell you he’s a good a decent man the allegations they made against him are unfounded I think he’ll be a good AG and I think he’ll follow the law,” said Montgomery County Circuit Judge Greg Griffin who says he also used to work with Sessions years ago. One of the reasons supporters came to this restaurant was to tell the story of Jeff Sessions they say isn’t getting out there.

“Everybody in south Alabama who knows him whether you’ve been politically aligned with him or an opponent knows he is of the highest integrity, greatest character and he will treat you fairly, he may disagree with you but he’ll treat you fairly, and everyone here knows that,” said Pete Riehm with the Common Sense Campaign. In 1986 Sessions was a long shot to get confirmed. 30 years later he’s a shoe-in, despite what some republicans see as a concerted effort to go after a personal friend.

“Here the media what they’re giving is all negative all nasty they should not take a man like Jeff Sessions and do anything but honor him and raise him up,” said self-described life-long Republican Arthur James Sr. Black conservatives were part of the crowd on a day where African-American Democrats like Senator Corey Booker were slated to testify against Sessions.

“Sometimes if you voice your support as a minority you face backlash from friends and family and so I think sometimes people that do support him probably keep it to themselves,” said Chandell Alekzander from Montgomery who said he supports Sessions stands on immigration.

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