Speaking at a meeting of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Monday morning–Jeff Sessions is the first to admit conservatives didn’t have a good week between the supreme court’s rulings on Obamacare subsidies and same-sex marriage–a ruling he says can threaten the future.

“Because if a court can do that on a question of marriage then it can do it on almost any other issue,” said Sessions. Sessions says the court essentially made up a new right to marry.

“What this court did was unconstitutional, what this court did–they can’t to do, nothing in the constitution for such a result no mention of marriage in the constitution,” says Sessions. It’s an issue that evokes a lot of passion on both sides and may not be over.

“Well I don’t know some say it will be like abortion where it continue fester with the American people sometimes the court thinks it can just make a ruling and an issue will go away, so I don’t know how this one will play out in the years to come,” said Sessions. The senator says ultimately clerks and probate judges have to comply with federal law but he says this was an overreach.