Scambuster: Phony Company Has Buyer For Your Timeshare


Scam alert for you tonight… for people who are trying to sell their timeshare. It can be difficult trying to sell a timeshare, and scammers aren’t making it any easier. Here’s News 5’s Ashley Knight to tell you how.Scam alert for you tonight… for people who are trying to sell their timeshare.

You have a beautiful timeshare on the beach, but now you’re trying to sell it. You’re not having much luck until some company you’ve never heard of contacts you out of the blue, saying they’ve got a buyer! But you’ve got to pay them first.

“And they’re going to want you to wire the money. And wiring money is your first red flag,” says Detective Laura Soulier with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

That’s what happened to a few folks here in Mobile. A company calling itself Pinebrook Resorts made several calls to timeshare owners in the area. They gouged them out of $1200-$1500 for “transfer fees” and “business fees”—fees that don’t actually exist. The company has since taken down their website, but this is what it looked like. They listed their address as 3966 Airport Boulevard.

The address they give you actually leads you here to an actual business, Bella Boutique in the Pinebrook shopping center off Airport Boulevard.

Tyloria Crenshaw with the Better Business Bureau was the agent who investigated it, and has a warning for others.

“Look at the contract that you have, look at the terms, look at the terms for buyers and for sellers and review that information first before you even consider going into a sale of your timeshare,” says Crenshaw.

“But don’t send your hard-earned money before doing all your research,” says Soulier.

Be wary if the company asks for money upfront, and if the buyer wants to buy it sight unseen. Ask to meet them in person—if they make excuses, experts say you should call it off. And always call the Better Business Bureau to check up on the company.

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