Satsuma residents continue seeing flooding rising


SATSUMA, Ala. (WKRG) — Rising floodwaters continue troubling people living near our area’s largest waterways.

Rodger Fleshman lives in Satsuma. He said, “This is sad. This is really sad.”

He started noticing the water by his house rising last week. He said, “It’s come up probably three or four inches today, just today, here on our line. Because it was about six feet, seven feet that way, and it’s all the way up here right now.”

He told News 5 the flooding is so bad it’s stopping people from getting around normally. Fleshman said, “The only way that they can get in and out of their house, they had to go buy a raft, a little two-man raft, and that’s the only way they can get in and out of their front door, and their house is still on stilts.”

He said water is a couple of inches deep in his family’s basement. Outside, debris from his neighbors, and items from Fleshman’s own yard, float around. He said, “It got so high it picked the pallets up and there’s four or five pallets right out here. I lost my gas can right out from underneath the porch cause it’s flooded the porch.”

The water sits up to the wheels of Fleshman’s truck and is in his outdoor garage space. He said, “There’s a boat in one and the boats almost floating now. It’s up on its trailer, but it’s almost floating, and my riding mower is down there I couldn’t get to it. I had a brand new riding mower too.”

Fleshman said he hopes the water goes down, but says if it comes up three more feet, it could cause serious damage to his home.


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