GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Researchers are continuing to study an underwater forest that was discovered off the Alabama coast and is believed to be 60,000-years-old.

“Wood that is this old, this far offshore. I haven’t come across any others,” says Dr. Kristine DeLong, who is studying the forest and is an LSU Department of Geography & Anthropology Associate Professor.

The underwater forest has made national headlines after it was discovered by journalist Ben Raines.

The first samples were collected in 2012 and the forest is believed to date back to the Ice Age.

It’s about eight miles offshore from Gulf Shores and 60-feet down.

“We’re starting phase two of the project right now. So we are going to be going out and doing some fieldwork this summer. We will be doing more surveys, we have coordinates and stumps at three other sites now,” says Dr. DeLong.

Dr. DeLong says the new sites are in the works of being studied and appear to be similar to the original one discovered off the coast of Gulf Shores.

They are also working with state and local leaders to try and get the site protected.

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