WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Republicans introduced an immigration bill that would allow border authorities to stop all undocumented migrants from entering the country.

The bill would also stop asylum seekers, and in some cases, could force the Department of Homeland Security to implement such measures.

Republicans say they’re searching for solutions to solve the border crisis as Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) explains, “it’s been a major problem in the country.”

Texas Congressman Chip Roy wants to give the Homeland Security secretary unilateral authority to stop all undocumented migrants from entering the U.S.

California Democrat Judy Chu says the true intention of the bill is clear.

“They are trying to do away with the ability for ask for asylum,” Rep. Chu said.

Republican Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga says not everyone seeking asylum belongs in the U.S.

“What international law says is that if you’re seeking asylum, the first country you come to is where you’re supposed to seek asylum?” Rep. Huizenga said.

The bill would not only give the Department of Homeland Security secretary the authority to stop all migrants but also gives states the ability to sue if the secretary fails to take action.

But the bill didn’t make it to a House vote this week because it’s unclear if moderate Republicans will support it and Democrats, like Congressman Ro Kahnna, oppose it.

“The idea that America would turn people away who are fleeing from violence, who are fleeing for their lives with their young children, is unconscionable,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said.

 The bill could become part of a larger border security package that Congressman Scalise says is necessary.

Rep. Scalise added, “over two and a half million people have come in illegally and you’ve got a hundred thousand young people dying of fentanyl every year because we have an open southern border.”