UPDATE (2:41 p.m. 2/11/21): State Attorney Ginger Bowden Madden announced Thursday, Feb. 11, that the Grand Jury for Escambia County has returned two indictments stemming from the Feb. 1 shooting death of Danny Ray Blackmon, Jr., on Lawson Lane in Cantonment.

Jonathan Taylor Hobbs was indicted on one count of First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Firearm, and Dawn Lucille Sluder on one count of First Degree Premeditated Murder. Both defendants are being held without bond and have an arraignment set for Feb. 25.

CANTONMENT, Fla. (WKRG) — The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) is releasing more information on a domestic deadly shooting Monday afternoon on Lawson Lane in Cantonment.

Jonathon Hobbs, 28, and Dawn Sluder, 38, were arrested. Hobbs is charged with first-degree premeditated murder. Sluder is charged with principal to first-degree homicide.

Sluder’s 19-year-old daughter was dating the victim 35-year-old Danny Blackmon Jr. Sluder posted to her Facebook page Saturday asking for help finding her daughter and said she believed she was with Blackmon. She posted that she didn’t think Blackmon was a good man and that there may be foul play going on.

Sluder and Hobbs arrived unannounced Monday afternoon to Blackmon’s home on Lawson Lane where Blackmon was staying, according to deputies.

They locked themselves inside and called the sheriff’s office. ECSO showed up but Sluder and Hobbs had left so the deputies left. The suspect’s daughter and Blackmon left the house but while they were leaving in their truck, they were confronted by Sluder and Hobbs.

Sluder’s daughter stayed in the truck and watched in the rear-view mirror as Blackmon told them to leave because they were trespassing on private property. She saw Sluder get out and appeared to be yelling at Blackmon. Hobbs then got out of Sluder’s SUV with a gun and pointed it at Blackmon. Blackmon’s girlfriend then screamed “Hobbs, NO!” but then he fired several shots at Blackmon from just a few feet away. Then Hobbs walked over to Blackmon’s body and fired at least two more rounds, according to deputies.

Hobbs ran off and Sluder jumped into her SUV, put it in reverse, and slammed it into the Ford F-150 her daughter was in. Blackmon’s girlfriend said she got out and ran to Blackmon trying to clear blood from his nose and mouth to perform CPR. Then she said Sluder began beating her, striking her in the head and face, and tried dragging her away from Blackmon’s body. She said a man arrived on the scene and pulled Sluder off of her. Sluder then left the scene in her SUV, according to ECSO.

She was arrested at a gas station at Muscogee Road and Jack’s Branch Road. Hobbs went to a nearby home to use someone’s phone and turned himself in.

Hobbs has been arrested previously for carrying a concealed weapon, trespassing, and criminal mischief. Sluder has not been arrested before in Escambia County.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office charged Blackmon with first-degree sexual abuse in 2019. He was arrested in 2013 for knocking a man unconscious in Cordova Mall.

Sluder and Hobbs are being held in the Escambia County Jail with no bond.