MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Our viewers on the Gulf Coast have long known how incredible Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls is at his job.

It seems the rest of the world is jumping on the bandwagon.

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A post titled “Best weatherman ever, very articulate and educational” by user “Stellarnan7” became the top trending post in the country this morning on Reddit, the fourth most-visited website in the world.  The article is linked to the most recent tropics forecast by our very own Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls, which has since become the number-three trending video on YouTube, surpassing Kelly Clarkson.

“It’s nearly impossible to make it to Reddit’s front page, unless you have something extraordinary,” said News 5’s digital content specialist J.B. Biunno.  “To make it to that top spot, for a meteorologist, it’s really unheard of.”

Reddit is the country’s top news aggregation website, where posts receive up-votes and down-votes to gauge popularity.  Reddit is known for it’s entertaining comment section, where the most witty or insightful comments are pushed to the top of the page.

In the spirit of Reddit, we have selected our favorite funny comments, and our favorite kind comments, and have them below!


“this guy looks like he owns fifteen #1 dads mugs and deserves all of them.” — Tri_Fiddy“Blows Al Roker away.” — smartcool“he’s like the mister rogers of weather reporting” — flojo-mojo“I really wasn’t planning on watching all of that. I regret nothing.”– ecir2002“Weird seeing a local weather guy getting Reddit love, but he really is awesome at his job.” — wiattc


“Seriously, that’s the best TV weather guy I’ve seen. They always seem to stumble over their words when they do this. I understood everything he said perfectly.” — improbablewobble“Not only that, but he was quick, direct, and didn’t lose my attention. That was extremely educational and well-executed.” — P0NT13“This guy was great! I thought he was not only knowledgeable about what he was presenting, but I just get the vibe that he’s a genuinely nice man.” — ldykass89“That guy is amazing. He should explain more things to more people.” — TheGnuGuy“This guy reminded me more of a really good professor than a weatherman. If you get a professor or teacher who explains things this well and with this much confidence, you know you’re in for a good semester.” — r40k