A group of about a dozen people gathered in front of the Waffle House on Government Street in Mobile. They say they were standing in solidarity with Chikesia Clemons. Clemons was arrested two weeks ago in a Waffle House in Saraland and video of the incident went viral. Civil rights activists like Al Sharpton have rallied around Clemons saying her arrest was unjust. Protesters at the Mobile Waffle House are demanding justice for Ms. Clemons and say people should boycott the breakfast chain. It appears there is another protest planned Saturday at noon at the Saraland location.

This follows a counter-protest Friday. A large number of people turned out throughout the day saying they’re supporting Saraland Police and Waffle House by making a purchase at that location. 

Saraland Police said the arrest was justified saying Clemons brought alcohol into Waffle House, was belligerent and threatened employees before being arrested.