The family of the woman seen on video arrested in the Saraland Waffle House has hired a prominent civil rights attorney.  Lawyer Benjamin Crump held a news conference in Mobile Wednesday.  Crump is known for representing the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.  They say they have witness statements that contradict those presented by the Saraland Police department and are demanding an investigation into the incident that led to the arrest of Chikesia Clemons.  

“We declare to the Waffle House Corporation and the Saraland Police Department that is unacceptable the way they assaulted her, the way they threatened this unarmed black woman the way they body slammed this unarmed black woman and the way they brutalized this unarmed black woman,” said Attorney Benjamin Crump.  Crump called the arrest an excessive use of force.  He says Clemons was not being aggressive and just wanted the corporate phone number to make a complaint.  

Saraland Police earlier this week said that the woman brought liquor into the store, was being disruptive inside and threatened to shoot up the restaurant. They shared a photo of her in jail holding a trash can, stating she got sick because she was drunk