BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – For the first time since Hurricane Sally crews are on Fish River removing trees and other bulk items that were left behind after initial cleanups. They’re using heavy machinery to get the job done.

“You know Blake you couldn’t even see the river it was just piled up. I had no idea they were going to show up,” said Beth Fugard, who lives on Fish River near Woodhaven Dairy Road.
Since last September frustrated residents and boaters have dodged trees and large limbs up and down the river, creating dangerous conditions.

“You’re going at higher speeds down the river and you hit one you can kill yourself on it and tear up your boat,” Fugard explained.

From her dock, Fugard hasn’t been able to see up the river, until now. Fallen trees and large limbs cut off access and blocked a portion of Fish River until crews arrived near her home last Thursday.

“The excavators would go down like a big claw and just feel the bottom of the river and come up with these huge trees. Two barges with three loads came out of this area of the river,” she continued.

Homeowners further down the river close to Weeks Bay have also expressed their generosity towards crews performing the work. A private company has helped with the project. We’re told a separate contractor has also been hired by the state to help remove the debris.