Fairhope businesswoman Karin Wilson threw her hat into the race for Mayor of Fairhope at the last minute.  She is hoping to unseat 4 term incumbent Mayor Tim Kant.

Our exclusive News 5 Strategy Research Poll shows there is a lot of interest in the municipal elections August 23.  77 percent of registered voters we surveyed said they are planning to vote.

Of those voters, a majority — 52 percent — said they would vote for Kant, while 48 percent said they would opt for a change in leadership and vote for Wilson.

Strategy Research pollster Jon Gray while Kant appears strong, Wilson’s campaign can’t be shrugged off.  He says Wilson could benefit from Kant’s 16 years in office.

“Nobody stays in office 16 years without making enemies and without making decisions people disagree with,” Gray said.  “”A lot of Karin’s vote isn’t coming from her because her name [identity] is so low.

“It’s probably coming from people who are looking at Tim Kant and saying ‘do we need a change in Fairhope?’

There will only be one polling place for the Fairhope municipal election.  The Fairhope Civic Center will be open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.