ATLANTA (AP) – Court records say a Mississippi man accused of killing five people in a south Alabama home with an ax and gunshots told investigators he parked in the woods nearby and injected methamphetamine “ice” into his veins shortly before the killings.

Search warrant affidavits say Laneta Lester was awakened by the sound of a gunshot, and saw her ex-boyfriend Derrick Dearman kill the other adult occupants of the home: three men and two women.

Detectives say in the affidavits that Dearman gave “a full confession” when detectives interviewed him.

Dearman, of Leakesville, Mississippi, has pleaded not guilty to murder and kidnapping. Authorities say he attacked the victims as they slept Aug. 20, then kidnapped Lester. Police say Lester had recently moved into the house to escape a violent relationship with Dearman.