“Hey I have a 182 I can hear the dog but I can’t see it, and it’s in distress,” says Officer Giorgio as he rescues a puppy from the Cordova Mall parking lot.

A puppy found inside a car, the temperature outside 94 degrees with the heat index at a whopping 108 degrees on this day.

Officer Anthony Giorgio with the Pensacola Police Department stepped into action after he got the call that a young puppy is heard whimpering from inside a sweltering car.

“I put my hand in the car and could feel that it was hotter inside the car than outside, I called my sergeant and let him know what I had, and he instructed me to make entry and I broke the window with my police baton,” says Officer Giorgio.

Officer Giorgio was able to save the little guy.

It’s an act that makes Dr. Mark Sprayberry proud.

“I think he is a hero, and our police officers are our good friends, and they are here to help us, cause if he hadn’t, that puppy probably would have died,” says Dr. Mark Sprayberry

Officers say with a new law in effect in Florida, if you see someone or an animal, before you break a window, make sure they are in distress, before you find yourself in trouble with the law.