FOLEY, AL (WKRG) — A Foley woman was critically injured Monday afternoon in an attack by her pit bull.

The 5-year-old pit bull attacked the woman in an altercation with the dog. News 5 is told her injuries are so severe her internal organs are exposed. She has been flown to USA Medical Center in Mobile for treatment.

As seen on the WKRG Facebook page on live video, the dog was removed in a cage by specialists who euthanized it inside the home.  We’re told the pit bull was difficult to calm down after the dispute occurred.

The dog will eventually be euthanized at the owners’ request.

News 5 has learned this is not the first time the dog has attacked someone. A neighbor’s kid was bitten not too long ago.

“He’s a real good dog,” said a resident, who was discussing the attack on the neighbor’s child. “But when it gets to biting, that’s when you have to start talking about getting rid of the dog.”

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