It was a scary situation that unfolded on Interstate 10 Monday afternoon when a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

It happened as the highway was crowded with Memorial Day traffic on Eastbound I-10 just outside of Biloxi.

Rodney McKnight was at the controls flying from Auburn to Gulfport, but just before he could reach the airport he says the engine failed.

“I was at 3,500 feet and the engine lost power, and I could not make it to the airport without engine power,” said McKnight. “So I decided to make an emergency landing. And that emergency landing was then decided to be on I-10.”

McKnight landed the Cessna safely along the shoulder of the interstate. No one was hurt in the incident including him and his passenger. There was also no damage to the aircraft.

“Pilots train for this. I specifically trained for this moment,” said McKnight. “The engine quit, what do you do? That happened and I executed properly. My flight instructor would be proud.”