PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Almost 400 boys from across Florida are picked to participate at American Legion Boys State every year. From Boys State, only two of the 400 will move forward to Boys Nation, acting as delegates for the state and interacting with boys from all over the country. 

This year, Pensacola Catholic High School student Charlie Jasso was selected to represent Florida. 

Charlie’s father Dave Jasso tells WKRG News 5, “You know the thing that stands out with Charlie is he’s a self-starter — he’s got incredible initiative and always has since he was little.”

Charlie’s dad said he didn’t even know his son had applied to Boys State until he was about to leave to go to an event in Tallahassee.

“I love government, and I love politics, and it just looked perfect, and I can’t believe I had never heard of it,” Charlie said.

Although not knowing too much about Boys State, Charlie had the whole package — excellent student, star athlete, and a drive to succeed. This is also why his counselor and peers nominated him to go on to Boys Nation.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it, especially compared to the guys’ resumes who I was going up against,” Charlie said. “[I’m] Just really really grateful they chose me to represent the state of Florida.”  

Charlie along with Max Harden from Tampa will be heading to Washington, D.C., to get real-life experience on what it takes to make it in the world of politics. 

“We are going to be presenting our bills, debating our bills, like we did at Boys State except at Boys Nation, but the bills are much more scrutinized,” Charlie said.

Only about 12 bills were passed out of 100 last year.

WKRG News 5 asked Charlie if he saw himself becoming a politician.

“My Nan said one thing to me, and she said something that’s kind of funny. She said, ‘Charlie, whatever you’ll do, you’ll do great in life, just don’t go into politics,” Charlies jokingly said. 

Charlie comes from a military background and plans on pursuing the military and continuing to work at his dad’s Ace Hardware Store in Cantonment.

Charlie leaves in two weeks and is excited to be able to represent Pensacola for the state of Florida.